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Tip 1: A book may be listed in a main category AND/OR a sub-category.

For example, a book about painting on porcelain may be listed in the ‘painting’ – subcategory of ‘Art’, and/or in ‘Craft’ – a main category. Another example is a biography about a politician – it may be listed in the ‘Social Sciences’ sub-category of ‘Socio-politics’, as well as the main category of ‘Biography’.

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Tip 2: Most of our categories have multiple webpages, showing many more books. You will see this at the top, and the bottom, of the category page.

Are you seeking a specific title, or more? (We love lists!)

We have many books that are NOT listed online. Ask us if we have what you’re looking for via the Submit a Want page, and we’ll check and let you know if we have it. Or, send an email with your list and we’ll be very happy to go smauging around in our book hoard!